Sunday, November 29, 2015

Firewood And Wood Stove Basics - Five Lessons For Heating With Wood

The Austing Haus is a B&B but structurally more of a small motel. Two floors are lined with about ten rooms each all facing the parking lot and beautiful alpine scenery. Rooms open into a glass-walled hallway so you're never short of a view.

There should be a sharpening area close to the lathe where the grinder and jigs can be used. If you want to hone the tools, ideally this should be a dedicated small bench or table at a comfortable height, with the grinder higher, nearer eye level so you can check bevel contact easily. Some people use a mobile stand, which can be convenient as long as it doesn't shake when you hone the tools.

A timber frame home is essentially a house that is primarily made from timber. In America, Canada and Northern Europe this usually means that the inside walls are made from timber studding and the outside skin is made from some kind of timber cladding, either some type of log finish, or timber boards. Timber frame construction is almost universal in these areas for residential construction.

Georgia-Pacific makes a product called Ply-Bead that imitates old-fashioned bead board. It comes in 19/32" and 11/32" thicknesses. Suitable for both sloped and flat ceilings, the 4'x8' tongue-and-groove sheets have a pine top veneer that's milled to look like bead board.

Before you begin building you need to collect materials. You will need a source of wood rounds, some sort of mortaring materials (cement, lime, sand, sawdust and paper can be used, but other materials will work as well). If you're able to, do yourself a favour and get a small cement mixer. You'll also need some lumber to frame windows and doors, and you'll need some sort of structure for the roof. If you can acquire whatever windows and doors you're going to use, all the better, as you'll be able to frame the rough in holes properly.

The panels come in two patterns. Use the thinner, 1.6" on center bead to visually enlarge smaller spaces, and the wider, 3.5" spacing to visually shrink an area that's too large. To finish off the edges of a beadboard ceiling, try pairing it with traditional crown or cove molding. Ply-Bead costs $16 to $20 per sheet.

It helps to plan now if you want to add a garage or not. If you choose to have a garage now or down the road and you want to connect it to the house, this could affect your floor plan.

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